With Love and Gratitude to My Clients

“My shoulder hurt for so long. I tried many different healers and you are the only one who could take the pain away. So appreciative.” Theresa

“Ginny, I relaxed into a deep meditative space during my healing session.  The pain I felt before I arrived dissolved into nothingness. My body and mind felt so much lighter when I left. I am looking forward to my next session with you. You are truly a natural healer. Thank you so very much.” Rosemarie

“Ginny, your generosity of spirit, kindness and compassion are not to be equaled. Before our session I felt heavy and constricted but after I was energized and buoyant. What a relief! To experience your healings is giving yourself a special gift. Thank you so much Ginny!” Eileen

“…. feeling like a weight lifted off me.  Purchasing the package plan from you was the best thing I did.  It gives me something to look forward to which brings me hope and working together with you, I know I will get much better than I am now. From the bottom of my heart,  Thanks Ginny.”  Erin

“My surgery and recuperation went so much better than I had anticipated. Heavenly, thanks Ginny” Jessa

Thanks so much Ginny. The session was incredible. You know I am not someone who jumps on the bandwagon of what I generally call hocus pocus beliefs. BUT, after going two times to your home for a healing touch session, I am blown away. I came away feeling better than I ever did after a massage and the peaceful feeling continues. The stress I normally carry around in my neck and shoulders is gone. This is something that no amount of massage or heat have ever eased before for me.”  Denise

“…Your healings made me feel so much better.  You’re terrific!”  Alicia

“Ginny your were such a soothing presence in keeping me together though the dying process and death of my brother. No words can express my gratitude.” Laura

” Surgery went well with no complications. You prepared me for it. With gratitude”   Janet

“My back was hurting so much from sitting all day at work. Working with you has made it better!” Deborah

“…..your pre-op program was so worthwhile. Having you there with me before I went in for surgery and when I came out gave me such a feeling of peace and confidence. I thought I would have been in much more pain than I was……”Alice

“ You are so special and I appreciate all your advice and healing. I feel so much better, I am not having the planned surgery!!!!!” Victoria

“Thanks for my healing sessions. Thank you for the wonderful discussions on your website and in particular the discussion on divorce. It was good to hear the experiences of others who have been there.  Thanks for sharing your STRENGTH! My last healing really filled me up!”  Haydee

“I have thought about your healings numerous times. Thank you for expressing your heartfelt caring so  beautifully.  You have created a warm and welcoming place for those of us looking for healing and relaxation.   Thank you. ” Annette

“Ginny, I am so lucky to have met you! Your healings have supported me and helped me come out of a very deep depression. I still have things to work out but you have helped me realize that I will get through all of it. Those healings gave me a safe place to go when I had no one to support me. So I’m thanking you! I’m glad to know you. ” Caren

“Ginny, I know I have told you numerous times and I tell my girlfriends also, you have really been a life saver for me. Your healing sessions have brought a joy to me which I never thought I would be able to feel again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Pricilla

“…. my body feels so much better. Know what to do now at work to help me feel good. Much thanks. Doris