Our Culture’s Fascination with Surgery

July 26, 2017

PREPARING FOR SURGERY It is an interesting phenomena how the faith of our culture and our cultural fascination with surgeons as saviors and rescuers is reflected in the most popular television shows of our times, such as Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago Hope and ER. The operating

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Conquering Depression for Life

April 27, 2016

Story: Moving out of the darkness and into the light.   Depression killed my father.  After being tortured for most of his life by this insidious affliction including three nervous breakdowns, hospitalizations, shock treatments and prolonged periods of inactivity marked by a disturbing dulling of

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Relax Into Yourself

November 21, 2011

There is no question we are now in unprecedented times! The changes and breaking down of the old structures in our lives that no longer serve us – both at a global and personal level – have escalated to intense proportions. Many are becoming “battle

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The Keys to Your Intuitive Power

September 28, 2011

There’s something in the air. It’s a gut feeling. An inkling, a hunch. I can feel it in my bones. I can feel in my ‘water’. I’ve got a funny feeling about this. It’s just doesn’t FEEL right somehow. Darn it. Why oh why didn’t

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Feng Shui and Romance

August 23, 2011

      Many clients ask about how to improve their current relationships or find a new love in their life. Since the feng shui of your home mirrors every aspect of your life, it makes sense to see how your feng shui is impacting

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Acts of Compassion: When Our Pets Take On Our Illnesses

August 5, 2011

  I have mentioned pets as spiritual beings a couple of times on this blog. In one posting entitled, Do Pets Have Souls?, I discussed the souls of pets and their places in the afterlife. Often during client readings, I see all types of pets

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Is Fear Sabotaging Your Success?

July 26, 2011

  As I sat in the elegant dining room of a professional matchmaker, leafing through photos of men who “might be perfect for me” I couldn’t help but think: Am I really ready for a new relationship? Intellectually, I said “yes!” bring it on. I

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Fighting Our Fears by Floating Through Them

July 21, 2011

   Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds and Shine!      Buddha When I was first learning how to swim, I did not trust the waters where my feet could not touch.   No matter how many times people told me I

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Surviving and Thriving – Ten Simple Steps To Greater Resiliency, Empowerment, Happiness & Success

1. Know and understand what you really want, and use it to build your self confidence and self esteem from inside out. We are socialized to have goals and objectives, and even core beliefs and values that are often not our own. The journey to

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Work Out Your Stagnant Energy

July 17, 2011

Long ago, when I took a giant step onto a fast moving spiritual path, I was told clearly that what was needed at    this point of my journey was, exercise. I was sitting in a class of about 20 people and everyone in the

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