Ginny is about all things holistic, considering the whole person
, body, mind, spirit, emotions and energy.

Ginny O’Connor is a  wife, mother of three and grandmother of six who practices Enhanced Integrated Energy Therapy in White Plains, New York. She has also spent one week in Sweden giving and receiving energy healings in the holistic community of practitioners there.

Her life has been a compilation of careers in Finance, Sales, Travel and Real Estate. She has organized several Women’s Groups, a Circle of Adults Caring for Elderly Parents and a Baby Boomers In Bloom Group. Ginny is the author of the book “Girlfriends Are Pennies from Heaven”. Establishing a scholarship for college students with learning disabilities is one of her proudest moments.

Her interest in holistic medicine began when her husband had cancer. Ginny ardently explored different therapies and pain relief other than Western medicine. This started her study of alternative therapies going on fifteen years now. Her first interest was in Reiki, Drumming Circles and Tai Chi. She studied the Japanese Usui Method of Reiki and became a Certified Reiki Master in 2006.

In 2013 she became an Ordained Interfaith Minister with the Order of Melchizedek.

Ginny’s spiritual and healing journey continued when she joined the Korean Body & Brain Wellness Center. What she had already known about the life force energy of “chi” or “prana” was enhanced by training and becoming a  Master in the ancient Asian art of hands-on-healing.

2014 she became a Certified Integrated Energy Practitioner  working with energy blockages that result from deeply suppressed cellular memories.

Always looking for a way to improve her skills, she became a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner in 2017. She uses this heart energy based therapy on her own clients and also by volunteering in Hospitals. Healing Beyond Borders is an international, worldwide philosophy of caring for the “whole” person and endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association.

Ginny specializes in Pre and Post Surgery Preparation and Recovery.  She has had several surgeries ~ some she prepared for ~ some she just went into believing the medical system would make her better. After seeing the difference in recovery time and physical wellness from her prepared surgeries she is dedicated to empowering others to have a better surgical experience. Her passion is to help you heal and take control of your body by assisting in preparing you for pre and post surgical experiences.

Ginny also does healings for reduction of stress, decreasing pain, complementing care for neck and back problems, supporting cancer care, and assists in the process of loss and grief.  She uses a non-invasive, heart-centered energy approach to energize and balance the human energy system.

You can contact Ginny at her home office 914-310-7103 or at ginnynyfl@yahoo.com


I asked for all things that I might enjoy life

I was given life,
that I might enjoy all things.