Mind – Body – Emotional Preparation for Surgery

Some people are frightened at the thought of surgery. Many people take a matter-of-fact view of surgery, thinking I go into the hospital, they’ll put me to sleep, fix the problem, I’ll wake up and eventually go home. Who needs to prepare for that?

The fact is that surgery is stressful and can have a significant impact on your mind, body and emotions. Most people do not think about the fact that it is not just your body going into surgery. Your mind, spirit, and emotions are on the operating table, along with your physical body. All these components play an important part in managing your surgery. Preparing for a surgical procedure increases your chances for the best possible result.

Your surgeon works on the physical aspect. However, you the patient, can work with him, as a team, by taking care of your mind, spirit and emotions. We know that there is a greater chance for success when there is teamwork. Are you worth that greater chance?

Ginny is a Certified Integrative Energy Practitioner, specializing in Enhanced Preparation for Surgery and Recovery from Surgery. She has established a four week plan of action using mind-body techniques to prepare you to take an active role in your surgery. Why? Because surgery is serious and this is no time for you to be a passive recipient but time to be a well informed, well prepared candidate, working with your surgeon for your greater good.

Your session will include a 30 minute energy healing, along with detailed information on:

       Preparing for Surgery                                                      Post Operative Recovery

*Manage Supplement & Medicine Intake                           *Clear Anesthesia from Body
*Surgery Preparation Diet                                                      *Reduce Nausea
*Prepare Emotionally and Physically                                   *Clear Toxins
*Prepare your Home and Family                                          *Reduce Post Surgical Pain
*Meditation and Relaxation                                                   *Promote Deep Relaxation

Upon request, Ginny will go to certain hospitals for before and after surgery treatments. It is crucial for your well-being to go into a surgery as calm as possible and with a positive mindset. Immediately after surgery, clearing toxins and anesthesia from the body is of major importance in helping reduce pain and to aid in a quicker recovery.

Research indicates that an individual who has been well-prepared for surgery emotionally and mentally can, on average, experience less need for pain medication, earlier discharge from the hospital and fewer complications following surgery.

Ginny’s heartfelt desire is to help alleviate your mental, physical, emotional discomfort related to surgery and facilitate your self-healing process for a quicker recovery.  

By appointment only: Ginny at 914-310-7103 or email her at ginnynyfl@yahoo.com


Ginny also does healings for reduction of stress, decreasing pain, complementing care for neck and back problems, supporting cancer care, and assists in the process of loss and grief. She uses a non-invasive, heart-centered energy approach to energize and balance the human energy system.